Research Interests

Genomics (Functional, Computational), Epigenomics, Bioinformatics, Development and Application of Sequencing Techniques


B.S. Biological Science (Poling Honors Degree)
Advisor: Prof. Xinglu Huang
Nankai University, 2018-2023


Research Assistant
National Engineering Lab for Neuromodulation
Advisor: Prof. Yanan Sui
Tsinghua University, 2022-2023
Visiting Student
Institute for Human Genetics
Advisor: Prof. Yin Shen
UCSF, 2021-2022
National Engineering Lab for Neuromodulation
Tsinghua University, 2021


Also see my Google Scholar Profile.

Genetically encoded chemical crosslinking of RNA in vivo
Sun, W.*, Wang, N.*, Liu, H., Yu, H., ... Shen, Y., Wang, L.#
Nature Chemistry, 2023 [Paper] [GitHub] [NCBI SRA]
Functional Characterization of Alzheimer’s Disease Genetic Variants in Microglia
Yang, X., Wen, J., Yang, H., Jones, I., ... , Liu, H., ... & Shen, Y.#
Nature Genetics, 2023 [Paper]
Phase separation of Myc differentially modulates the transcriptome
Yang, J.*, Chung, C.*, Koach, J., Liu, H., ... , Shu, X.#
bioRxiv, 2022 [Preprint]
Prediction and Design of Nanozymes Using Explainable Machine Learning
Wei, Y., Wu, J., Wu, Y., Liu, H., ... , Huang, X.#
Advanced Materials, 2022 [Paper]
Bioorthogonal catalytic nanozyme-mediated lysosomal membrane leakage for targeted drug delivery
Sun, Z., Liu, Q., Wang, X., Wu, J., ... , Liu, H., ... & Huang, X.#
Theranostics, 2022 [Paper]


  • Poling Honors Degree, Nankai University
  • Distinguished Undergraduate Thesis, Nankai University
  • Scholarship of Academic Progress, Nankai University
  • Third Prize in Innovative Scientific Research for Undergraduates of Nankai University

Technical Skills

Programming & Libraries

AlphaFold at LNS Group



Wet Lab

Molecular Clone, Cell Culture, ATAC-seq, Smart-seq2, CUT&RUN, mRNA Display, Mutagenesis, CRISPR Knockout, CRISPR Knockin, CRISPR Screen, etc.